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Heat radiator 
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Product Detail

Heat radiator Powder Coatings

Application Confine:

Heat radiator powder coatings are special for different kinds of heat radiating devices, radiators. These coatings offers beautiful, glossy and well-stacked metal surface, with good anti-corrosion property.

Characteristics of Radiator powder coatings:

This product can meet common requirements. And they are specially designed to meet high gloss and well-stacked requirements of heat radiators. We design and work out different formulas and special technology methods for different substrates such as: steel, aluminum, copper metals, coping with the appearance problems caused by impact aluminum substrate.  

Properties of products:

Color: up to user`s requirements;

Appearance: powders

Gravity: 1.2-1.7-g/cm3.

Gloss: usually >90°

Storage: 12months, under 30℃ and in dry warehouse.

Reference parameters for coating:

Technology: spraying by high voltage electrostatic spraying gun

Thickness of coat layer: 80-110μm

Thermosetting conditions: 190℃/15min (up to actual kind of metal parts)

Points of attention:

•Thickness of coat layer will slightly effect color and appearance

•Lab sample will slightly differ from product from mass production, user should adjust working parameters during coating to achieve best result.

Transportation and storage:

•Carton package, 20kg/carton

•Non-dangerous article, there is no special requirement on transportation

•To be stored under 40℃ and in dry warehouse

•Warranty period: 12 months

Demonstrations of actual coating